Mocha rope dining chair

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This dining set is composed of Enjoy rectangular table and Mocha rope dining chair, which is easy to accommodate with 4 to 6 people to catering or gathering at same time. You could find the beauty of balance, such as between the square aluminum tubes of table and the round aluminum tubes of chair, and between the hard&cold touch of aluminum tubes and the soft&warm touch of the woven rope. The light and warm color scheme and modern style design makes it easy to match different outdoor areas and enhance the beauty of your outdoor space.

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    Mocha rope dining chair

    L56×D58×H86 cm


    The aluminum frame of chair is coated with powder which is can be resistant to the different outdoor elements, as well as to various climatic factors, in addition, it can maintain the unit as new as possible after long use and its cleaning is very simple.

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    The seat and backrest part is crossed woven with ropes. The ropes are with reinforce part inside, allowing its touch to be different from the teslin, PE wicker or aluminum slats, it is not only strong and durable but also soft.

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    In order to make it comfortable, the chair equipped with a seat cushion in 5cm thickness, no matter how long people seat on it, they will still feel free pressure from the woven seating part and let people get the relax postures.

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    Mocha rope dining set D1


    Model Name

    Mocha Rope Dining Chair

    Product Type

    Rope Dining Set

    Rope chair


    Frame & Finish

    • *1.7~2.0 mm thickness aluminium
    • *Outdoor powder coating for rust protection
    • *Powder coating color can be customized.
    • *Stacked structure


    • * High quality Olyfin round rope
    • * Rope color can be customized


    • * 5cm seat cushion.
    • *1200 hours Olyfin fabric
    • *Normal sponge inner
    • *Cushion fabric color can be customized.

    Mocha dining chair


    • *Offer 2-3 years warranty.

    Application and occasion

    Hotel; Villa; Lobby; Cafe; Resort; Project;


     16 PCS / CTN      906 PCS / 40HQ


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    Mocha rope dining set S2
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    Mocha Rope Dining Chair Display

    Photographer: Magee Tam

    Photography location: Guangzhou,China            Photography time:  May.2023

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