Luca textile bar stool

Short Description:

Luca bar set is the Luca dining chair extension design.The appearance design of the Luca dining chair has been upgraded, using the structure of disassembly, so that the loading quantity can be greatly improved, and installation of bar chair is simple.With simple white powder coating bar table, can let you more relaxed and happy.

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    Luca bar stool S3
    Luca bar stool S6

    Individual item

    Luca bar stool Grey S1

    Item No.: TLC1832

    Item Name: Luca bar stool

    Item Color:  Grey color

    Item Size: L57 x W62 x H112 cm

    Luca bar stool Khaki S1

    Item Name: Luca bar stool

    Item Color:  Khaki color


    Luca bar stool D3

    The “L” look of the bar stool not only adds visual appeal,it is shaped to follow the curve of your body for great support and comfort.

    Luca bar stool D4


    Exquisite polished, touch like smoothly as wood
    High quality textile fabric combined with soft quick dry foam fill
    Shows the look and beauty of the Luca bar stool.


    Armrest design releases both hands, making the overall look light and slender.                  Arc back can fit the human back curve.

    Luca bar stool D1


    The Luca bar stool can be easily stored under the bar table without occupying the space.

    Luca bar stool D2


    Model Name

    Luca textile bar stool

    Product Type

    Textile bar set

    Bar stool


    Frame & Finish

    • *1.7~2.0 mm thickness aluminium
    • *Outdoor powder coating for rust protection
    • *Powder coating color can be customized.
    • *Stacked structure


    • * High quality textile
    • * Textile color can be customized


    • *High quality quick-dry foam
    • *Pad is sewed processing

    Luca bar stool


    • *Offer 2-3 years warranty.

    Application and occasion

    Hotel; Villa; Lobby; Cafe; Resort; Project;


    18 PCS / STK     864PCS / 40HQ


    Real Product Display

    Luca bar stool S1
    Luca bar stool S2
    Luca bar stool S5
    Luca bar stool S4

    Luca bar stool Display

    Photographer: Magee Tam

    Photography location: Guangzhou,China            Photography time:  March.2021

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